Revival Under the Oaks - Special Service

You are invited to a special outdoor service "Under the Oaks". 9:00AM Sunday September 22nd.

Did you know a church right down the street has an incredible story of resilience and survival? That’s right, at some point between 1862 and 1864, as Union and Confederate soldiers clashed in an effort to determine the course of this great nation, the structure where Hope Chapel meets was nearly burnt to the ground in an effort to prevent the building from being used as a refuge. Think of how the church members felt when they learned their church home had been torched. Hurt? Angry? Sad? Unsure of what to do next? Questioning their future? The war weary citizens of Stafford  MUST HAVE experienced all of these emotions and more… but what they did next was simply incredible. Historical documents record that the congregation “gathered under the oaks” to seek God’s wisdom, guidance, and comfort. The same trees they gathered under, are the trees that remain there today. Won’t you join Hope Chapel during this special service? The same restoration he provided over 150 years ago, is the same available to each of us today.

Service begins at 9:00am.

Dress: Casual. Please bring a lawn chair

Address: 168 Onville Road

What to expect: Acoustic worship (just like they may have done in 1864), a powerful message of hope, restoration, and God’s plans for abundant blessings in your life, donuts, coffee, food assistance (at the end of the service), Trunk or Treat information, and an inside sneak peek about our upcoming Thanksgiving Assistance and Toys for Tots registration. Receive a special note from Pastor Mike by planning your visit by filling out the form below.